Paper bag in OFFSET printing with turn over top and card reinforcement in bottom.

Standard paper: Monocoated 170 gr – 190 gr – 210 gr; Usomano white kraft 170 gr; brown ribbed paper 140 gr; brown Kraft 150 gr.

Offset printing to 8 colors, hot foil printing and embossing.

Standard sizes: from 12x8x24+6 cm to 60x16x50+6 cm. (width x gusset x high).

Twisted paper handles or cotton rope handles glued in turn over top.

MOQ 3.000 pcs from size 12x8x24+6 cm to size 22x10x27+6 cm.

MOQ 2.000 pcs from size 23x15x21+6 cm to size 36x30x40+6 cm.

MOQ 1.000 pcs from size 38x15x34+6 cm to size 60x16x50+6 cm.